Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Best Fireplace Mantel Makeover Tips

When you’re creating a great fireplace mantel, one sort of option that you do have is faux stone. However, there ae many other options out there for you to choose from, and you’ll be able to decide what it is that you want to create with this. This post will go over a couple of great little design tips in order to create the best fireplace mantel that is sleek and stylish.

One great way to convey this is through a floating mantel. This can be made with faux stone, or even some slacked stone. These are relatively cheap. These are perfect for brick fireplaces, because it can completely change the room that you were in. not only that, they’re very simple to put up. 

Now, this works really well for brick fireplaces that cover the entire wall.  You can decorate the sides of the fireplace with faux stone and the paneling as well, either wood or stone.  To do this, you start with that, delineating the boundaries of the fireplace.  This will help make it less obnoxious to stare at, and it can significantly improve the design features of the place.

Once you have it mapped out what you want your fireplace to be size-wise, you can then improve this next element by taking the stone slab and throwing it on top. This doesn’t take much time, but you should make sure that you read the instructions upon doing this. One big mistake people do make is that they don’t make sure that it’s even, and that’s what can be a problem. So make sure that you do that to save you the time and energy.

Now, typically this project doesn’t take too long.  It might take one about five days alone, but with help, you can halve the time in essence.  However, if you are doing it with another person, make sure you do communicate to the other person how you want this to look.

Finally, once you have all of the pieces up, you are given the option to put up some color or accents on this.  Typically, a contrasting color such as white or cream works for this, but if you are looking to be bold, sometimes a gray or a lighter sort of shade of that can do wonders as well. It’s best if you avoid bold colors when you can, because it does look tacky.  For mantelpieces, get ones that complement the walls that you’ve put up, or the fireplace itself.  You shouldn’t’ really get some that blend in too much, because you won’t really see them.  hanging a wreath or something above the fireplace is a good finishing touch. Even if it’s not the holidays, it’s a great option to have. 

This article went over how to create the perfect fireplace for yourself. Try this, see if you like it, and from there, you’ll be able to create the best and most beautiful mantelpieces that you can achieve easily. 

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